Tips for Foot Massage

The people looking for tips for foot massage ought to know that the massage technique is based on reflexology. During the massage, you have to apply pressure on certain reflex points. It is believed that there are points in the foot that lead to a healing process while touching the most important organs of the body.

Tips for Foot Massage

Preparing as one of the foot massage tips

If you wish to offer a foot massage, it is important for the recipient to be able to relax and to stay comfortable during the massage. The foot that will be massaged should rest on a pillow or in the masseur’s lap. It is a good idea to have meditative music and dimmed light that promote relaxation.

When it comes to the advice for foot massage, it is important for the foot to be dry and clean. Some specialists say that it is best to soak the feet in Epsom salt that will clear out the impurities. Before the massage starts, the massage oil or lotion should be warmed to room temperature.


The tips for foot massage include starting with the stroke because it promotes blood flow and it improves circulation to the feet. Start at the toes and while using your thumbs you should work your way towards the ankles. Stroke back and forth between the toes and the ankles a few times while holding the foot firmly.

The masseurs using this one of the tips for foot massage should remember to apply less pressure near the toes because here the skin is thinner and thus the region in more sensitive. In the same time the tendons located in the area are also more sensible than in the rest of the foot.

Finger walk

In case of this foot massage advice, you should hold the foot firmly with one hand and use the fingers of the other hand to apply pressure on the foot. Imagine lines along the foot and move your fingers along those imaginary lines between the toes and the heel.

Toes and the ideas for foot massage

In order to offer a nice experience, as one of the tips for foot massage, you should pay attention to all of the toes individually. By using your fingers, rub between the toes. After rubbing, it is good to wiggle the toes; hold on to the toe and move it to the front and the back.

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