What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease which results from the improper and inadequate production of insulin or the insufficient utilization of hormone insulin. Insulin is an important substance which is required to convert the food we consume into energy and it does so by transferring the glucose from blood to the different body cells.

To cure diabetes, there are many methods out of which one is by giving a proper and appropriate massage therapy to the diabetic patient. There are many benefits of massage therapy for diabetes patients and to know more about some of them, you can refer to the information given in the following part of the article:

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Diabetes


What a massage therapy does is that it proves to be extremely relaxing for the diabetic patient, especially considering that living with this insulin abnormality can be really stressful and agonizing at times.

The massage treatment can help to release the endorphins which thereby ensure the nervous system calms down and there is a large extent of reduction of the stress related hormones.

Massage has been shown to decrease the anxiety level among the patients and reducing the muscle tension as well. It not only reduces the heart rate and blood pressure but also has stress reducing benefits.


Diabetes can have a very dangerous effect on the circulatory system of a person’s body. This happens because diabetic patients tend to have high blood sugar level and that results in the hardening of the arteries. One of the most common benefits of a massage therapy for diabetic patients is the fact that the massage movements result in the proper circulation of the blood.

Now what circulation does is that it ensures the efficient transport of the oxygen as well as the various nutrients to the different organs and parts of the body. The cells insulin consumption and utilization is thus increased as a result of this circulation. Poor circulation can result in poor healing of the wounds and infections may too occur and therefore improving circulation can be helpful.

Myofascial Effects

The increased level of the blood sugar in diabetic patients causes thickening of the connective tissues. A therapeutic massage increases the mobility as well as the elasticity of the tissue which has been hindered   due to the thickening effect in the muscles, tendons and the tissues. If the massage sessions are accompanied by regular exercise programs, the effect will be even better.