Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

Astral projection or astral travel is a kind of an out-of-body experience in which a person assumes an astral body which is different from the physical body. This astral body can travel outside the physical body and this is why this projection is also called ‘astral travel’. A person who is interested in taking to this form of meditation may find it difficult in the starting period and hence we have a set of astral projection techniques for beginners:

Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

Understanding the process of astral projection

The first thing that one must keep in mind before setting out for the experience of astral traveling is to understand the procedure involved. One must know how astral projection is to be done and what are I various benefits or drawbacks.

Having a clear understanding of this part is important because without having the material knowledge, astral projection can prove to be a failed experience.

Using appropriate aids for astral projection

One of the most useful and effective techniques to get into astral travelling is to get audio aids which will guide you through the process. These recorded audio aids are meant to fast forward your process of astral projection and would clearly pave a way for an out-of-body experience, but only if followed correctly and sincerely. What these audio aids do is that they shift the brain frequencies and help in a better concentration.

Take help of an astral guide

Having an astral guide in close proximity is another technique which would be useful for experiencing astral projection.  These guides can really help a person in reaching the fifth dimension and explain very clearly how starters should set up on the path of astral travel.

Stop searching for ‘it’

Most of the beginners of astral travel make the mistake of searching desperately for ‘it’ to take place. If one keeps concentration on reaching the goal, then the concentration from the path gets blurry and one would never be able to experience the Out-of-Body state. Stop waiting for ‘it’ to happen and enjoy the process rather than waiting for the end.


  • The first step is to achieve complete relaxation of the mind and body. This can be done through meditation and deep breathing.
  • Secondly you need to get into the hypnotic state and focus on an object till the point where you are not aware of your physical body.
  • Now you should be able to experience vibrations inside your body as the astral body gets separated from the physical body.

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