Experience Mindfulness And Keep Your Awareness With Walking Meditation!

Walking MeditationWalking meditation is a meditation which is done with action.

While doing walking meditation, you can experience mindfulness and you should keep your awareness involved in your experience of walking.

Walking meditation is complex as you have to keep aware of your self.

An important thing you have to keep in your mind while doing walking meditation is, you have to apply mindfulness. It will help in improving your concentration.

If you want the mindfulness meditation you have to sit by crossing your legs. You cannot tolerate this sitting meditation for many hours without changing the position of sitting.

So, in this situation the better choice of meditation is walking meditation, which is done by changing the position. This meditation is very important as alternate meditation for sitting meditation.

You have to do walking meditation by following some steps:

Every meditation requires certain procedure and sequential process, in the same way walking meditation is also done in the following four steps.

  • In the first step, you have to lift your foot.
  • In the second step, you have to move your foot forward.
  • In the third step, you have to put it down.
  • In the fourth step, you have to touch or press your foot on the ground.

You have to keep above four steps in your mind and pay attention towards these four steps, while doing walking meditation. This will pay close attention on walking meditation.

When you will first start walking meditation, you can start in the comfortable open place or any other park. You can do walking meditation for twenty minutes and if you go on practicing this meditation, your body will experience the enjoyment intensely and you can feel interesting.

You can reach to the sotapanna stage that is the first stage of enlightenment by doing walking meditation.

Sotapanna is the great benefit of walking meditation. It will help in your daily life. So, you have to pay closer attention on the movements of each step. This will help in improving balance of your body.

Walking meditation will provide you following benefits:

By doing this meditation, you can have benefits physically and mentally.

  • Walking meditation will help in improving your stamina, for moving to long journeys.
  • This will help in improving stamina for practicing meditation itself.
  • This meditation will help in shifting your posture.
  • Movements of walking will revive the muscles and will help in stimulating your blood circulation.
  • This meditation will help in preventing illness.
  • This meditation will help in digestion.
  • By doing this meditation, you can build the durable concentration.

If you are a student then it will help in concentrating over listening of classes. If you are old, then it will help in giving relief over many pains in joints of bones and muscles. You can follow this meditation in any age of your life.

It will provide fitness to your body and will help you for being healthy. So, practice walking meditation regularly.