Get Help Knowing How to Start Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation was developed and popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; a spiritual movement that gained a global following in the 1960’s. In this post we look at how to start transcendental meditation as well as the techniques of this form of “mantra meditation”.

Understanding transcendental meditation

To know how to start transcendental meditation, it is important understand what it is. Meditation is a state of restful awareness. It is about mindfulness and of centering the mind. It is a means to focus the mind in a way that transcends the physical self and goes over into the spiritual realm.

This type of meditation gained attention in the 60’s because of The Beatles being so famously associated with it. Even today notable celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and spiritual guide Deepak Chopra are practitioners. Many practitioners think of it as a spiritual practice to attain internal calm; rather like prayer.

When employees of Winfrey were taught how to start transcendental meditation it resulted in people having better relationships, better sleep patterns, lowered incidences of migraine and better interpersonal interaction.

Transcendental meditation can help in dealing with stress, improving physical and mental health, enhancing creativity, for spiritual growth and to realize one’s full potential. It is a holistic practice that can help to enhance practically all aspects of life.

Practitioners found that they are able to tackle difficulties better, have better ideas and feel more rested and at peace. The practice of this meditation both relaxes as well as revitalizes. It is a mental technique that needs to be practiced for just 15 to 20 minutes a day.

How to start transcendental meditation

You could of course enroll for one of the many courses for transcendental meditation – either a physical class or an online course. However it is also possible to start out on your own by knowing about the basics of the practice and getting some basic instruction.

The way to start is by reducing the active state of the mind to bring it to a resting phase by minimizing conscious working. The mind has to be taught to know itself and it has to learn to liberate itself from unnatural experiences and performances.

To start transcendental meditation, one needs to sit in quite place comfortably with the eyes closed. A sound or mantra can be used to try and concentrate the mind. At the same time breathe deeply, calmly to bring the mind and the body into a restful state.

To know more about how to start transcendental meditation, you can read the Maharishi’s interview.