If You Have No Experience In Meditating, Guided Meditation Will Help You!

Guided MeditationGuided meditation is used for enhancing your way towards detachment (disconnection).

If you meditate regularly then you can be happy and less prone to depression.

When you are doing meditation you will actively use the underused part of brain during depression.

Guided meditation will be helpful for you if you are not experienced with meditation. If you have no experience with meditation, then your mind will not be in the proper state for meditating. In this situation, it is very helpful.

Guided meditation will be helpful for reaching your mind towards the desired state quickly and easily.

This meditation will help you to feel extreme relaxing and calm. After doing guided meditation, you will feel clearer, rested and rejuvenated. Guided meditation will not involve any type of risk.

Method of doing guided meditation:

For performing guided meditation, follow the instructions of a teacher or instructor. For doing guided meditation, first you have to sit straight and comfortably. Then you have to close your eyes and think about good will.

Now you have to find happiness in yourself and you have to share this happiness to members who are close to your heart. Now you spread your happiness to the well known people and then share your true happiness to the unknown people.

Now you should come back to your present state of sitting and breathing. You have to breathe comfortably and you have to strengthen your alertness. Your way of breathing can be long or short or any other way, but you should feel comfortable in breathing.

While meditating, your breathing is not just the air, but it is the flow of energy. You should be sensitive to the energy flow. After some time of meditation, you feel changes in your body and try to sense what your breathing requires.

If you are tired doing this, then take the breath that energize your body. If you feel tensed doing this, then you take the breath that will give you relaxation.

Your mind sometimes wanders here and there. For avoiding this, you can listen at birds or you can look at sky or sniffing at flowers, by doing these things your mind will not slip from your control.

When you want to stop meditation, you have to let your attention to any part of your body and feel naturally settled and centered. Then you can rest with one breath.

After opening your eyes, you have to keep this attention to stay at the centre of your body that is at the breath. This will complete your guided meditation.

If you keep your mind centered, then you can positively response the events. Guided meditation will help you in the first experience of meditation. This helps in giving relief to the mental health problems. This will help in keeping your mind centered.