Tantric Meditation Helps Sexual Problems

meditationEveryone has heard of tantric meditation and that it also has a sexual aspect to it as well.

Tantric meditation has yoga influences. You meditate as with other meditation techniques by sitting peacefully and calmly, easing your mind and ridding yourself of thoughts.

The meditation is supposed to relax, renew and awaken the person’s spirit and body. Because of the meditation, people who perform it find that they have less sexual problems.

The Chinese Tao philosophy also has a branch where Taoist spiritual sexuality uses some of tantric teachings. The Taoist philosophy concentrates on the fundamental responses and processes of the body beyond the instinct and reaction.

They say that desire and passion go beyond just sex but influences our daily lives. By practicing tantric meditation, we return to the primal part of us and learn to find desire once again and accept it.

It gets rid of sexual problems without the use of medication and drugs. As you age, the problems with your life and body during your lifetime can cause you to have a number of sexual problems. Impotency, lack of desire, and pain are a few examples of what people go through every day. It has been shown that tantric meditation can help with sexual problems.

The meditation asks you to calm your body and mind, to focus in on love, the life force that fuels the body. As you progress through the meditation, it clears your perception, helping you to handle your issues in your life, not just sexual frustrations.

It has been shown that the body can and will cure itself with minimal outside influences. By concentrating and relaxing, the body can release and activate hormones that spur on desire. This meditation can also clear the mind of any insecurity that cause many of the sexual problems found today.

Tantric meditation frees the energy channel, allowing for the body to work more efficiently.

It can also release any inhibition that held someone back, and promotes sexual health. Instead of keeping it in, where it can fester and cause doubt and trouble, the practice of the meditation clears any worries, thus eliminating many sexual fears.

Tantric mediation tries to clear your energies, also known as your chi, so that it can let your body flow freely, unblocking any clogs that may be hindering your everyday life.

As your body’s chi is cleansed it will help you gain more vitality. As your body works better it releases hormones which helps your body’s function and which can help any of your sexual problems.

Tantric meditation relaxes your body and mind, helping them to work at their optimum levels.