Top Meditation Websites to Enroll In

Be it the stress of everyday life or those of a specific situation, stressful life has become a norm of most people on Earth today.While most of us grope in the dark trying to find a way out, we do not realize that yoga and meditation are tools lying right next to us which can relieve us from these side effects of modern living and lifestyle.

To gain knowledge on these tools of distressing, one need not go too far seeking a guru. Solution is right on our finger tips. There are many websites that cater to the common man and introduce yoga and meditation tools to gain relief. Here are 7 meditation websites that can guide a novice for free.

Top Meditation Websites to Enroll In

1. Divine Life Society

Founded by Swami Sivananda in the year 1936, it is probably the most revered yoga ashrams of India. On their website, numerous online books on yoga and meditation are available that can be downloaded for free.

There are discourses by all the seniors of the society and also the guru himself. It can be called an encyclopedia of meditation and yoga practice.

2. How to Meditate

The website How to Meditate is an awakening to the Buddhist way of meditation. It is a simple yet vivid description of the technique and is present to guide the busy and stressed.  The site also gives leads to various spiritual techniques followed in Buddhism.

3. SwamiJ

SwamiJ was a great follower of The Himalayan Institute founded by Swami Rama. A number of yoga and meditation techniques have been discussed on their website so much so that a novice can get overwhelmed by the flood of information.

4. Zen Entrepreneur

A very comprehensive meditation center, Zen Entrepreneur is a website that is based on the oriental Zen philosophy. It has complete information on the techniques, access to writings and courses both online and offline conducted by the teachers here.

5. Meditation Station

This is the official website of The Meditation Society of America. It is a website dedicate to teaching and spreading the culture of meditation. Right from what is meditation it explains everything there is to know and practice. From beginner’s levels, it goes on to the higher levels explaining the various techniques and concepts. It also includes subscription to its newsletters which keep you updated on all aspects and developments happening in the society.