A Natural Remedy for Toothache – Clove Oil

Traditional societies have long used the common spice for tooth related ailments; western societies are only now waking up to the many benefits of clove oil.

clove oilRather than common medications such as Anbesol Orajel and Benzocaine, try clove oil for tooth pain the next time it erupts.

The natural analgesic and antibacterial properties of essential oil of clove helps soothe tooth pain and also helps in controlling proliferation of harmful oral bacteria.

And consider how much better it is to common remedies such as Anbesol and Orajel, which actually have a numbing or anesthetic effect on the teeth or Benzocaine which has similar anesthetic impacts but which is also known to cause allergic reactions among some people.

Studies have shown that clove oil can ease tooth pain as effectively as Benzocaine, only clove oil did so owing to the natural compound Eugenol  that occurs naturally in it.

Clove oil users do however have to be careful about ingesting large quantities of clove oil since it can have potentially unpleasant side effects such as respiratory and liver problems. The best way to use clove oil is to apply a small amount to a cotton swab and press it gently to the affected tooth for pain relief.