Broccoli Juice Could Keep Skin Cancer at Bay

If mother was at you to finish the green veggies on your plate, it was with good reason – broccoli is good for us in a myriad ways that we are only finding out more about. Scientists have now found that broccoli can help to prevent sunburn and even skin cancer.

broccoliAn antioxidant called sulforaphane contained in broccoli is thought to be responsible for protecting against tumor development as well as sunburn, found scientists in New Zealand.

They also found that the extracts obtained from totara and manuka trees could protect skin in a way similar to broccoli.

Several concerns have been expressed with regard to sun screen products that we can buy from the market – for one there are a number of chemicals contained therein, that have been seen to produce hormonal imbalances in rats. So chemicals entering the body, is a concern.

Though sunscreens have improved over the years, there is another concern that using them lulls us into a false sense of security.

People assume that using a high SPF sunscreen automatically protects us and that they are set for the day. However, most people do not realize that these sunscreens require regular reapplications.