Can Saliva Really Help Heal?

We have all seen a pet repeatedly and even obsessively lick a wound, burn, or other injury, and probably understand that this is done to enable the animal to heal itself, due to the healing properties in the saliva. So is the same true for humans? Should we also be using saliva to help heal? Are the movies to be believed when the person spits on themselves to make a wound heal faster?

saliva healsIt is a fact that saliva does in fact have certain active immune properties and also has antimicrobial and antifungal proteins.

Also saliva contains growth factors that help in healing wounds.

For this reason, a burn or a cut inside the mouth will heal in one fifth the time that it takes to heal a similar injury at another site of the body. Also there will be no scarring.

However, there is a counter to this argument as well – saliva also contains certain bacteria, which, if brought on to the skin surface, will actually reduce the ability of the skin to overcome an infection.

So as of now, there is no clear indication as to whether we should be spitting on our wounds and burns or not!