Common Kitchen Ingredients For Keeping Swine Flu At Bay

gingerWhile we have seen that homeopathy can be defense against swine flu, now naturopaths and other alternative healers such as practitioners of Ayurveda are coming forward with several natural and herbal substances that can help build up and strengthen a person’s immunity or defense mechanism in order to resist swine flu.

  • Black Pepper: This common kitchen ingredient is seen to be a means to increase one’s immunity and to shore up the body’s defense mechanism against infection.
  • Ginger, another spice commonly found in kitchens also is seen to boost immunity against problems such as swine flu against which the body may not ordinarily have sufficient antibodies if one is exposed to the virus for the first time.
  • Asafetida is a strong smelling condiment whose roots contain a compound that killed the H1N1 swine flu virus in a lab test carried out. The swine flu outbreak of 1918 saw Chinese medicine using asafetida as an effective anti viral so the anti viral properties of this condiment are well established.
  • Basil has been seen to be effective against Swine Flu, eating the leaves or wearing a garland made from the leaves helps the body defend itself against the virus entering by way of the mouth or nasal track.