Cures from the Kitchen Cabinet and More

For aches, bites, rashes and upset stomachs, all you may need is your kitchen cabinet and not your medicine cabinet.

So you know that you don’t need to pop a pill every time you have a problem? There is a lot of stuff in your home that will work wonders too.

Here are some kitchen cabinet cures that may work for you.

Cures From The Kitchen


Did you know that oatmeal is good for more than just eating? Oatmeal baths are known to be great for relieving skin rashes and are particularly recommended for people with chicken pox.

Cool water is best since hot water may irritate the skin. Another recommended concoction for rashes is a mixture of baking soda, water and aloe vera.

Insect bites

Did you know a simple mixture of vinegar and water, chilled is great for insect bites and stings? Other things that could also work for bee stings and other insect bites are sliced onion and meat tenderizer.

Upset stomach

Peppermint has long been hailed as a natural digestive; perhaps one of the reasons why it is so popular as an after dinner mouth freshener.

Peppermint is known to relax the lower esophageal sphincter so that the food is allowed to go down and prevented from rising up to cause heartburn. It allows the stomach to release gas more easily by way of belching.

Stiff neck, headache

Massage is one of the best ways to get rid of a tension headache or a stiff neck. Gentle side-to-side neck stretches are great for a stiff neck too. You can do a lot of the massage moves yourself or you can rope in someone else to do them for you.

The best kitchen cabinet cures

  1. Basil has long been prized in traditional medicine for its healing properties – it can soothe a sore throat and even help relieve indigestion.
  2. Black pepper is another amazing spice that has been used to treat everything from a toothache to an earache. It is thought to have natural antiseptic properties that may promote healing of cuts and wounds and even prevent scarring.
  3. Ginger is known to cure upset stomachs and relieve nausea.
  4. Nutmeg – this sweetish spice is a natural ingredient used in many traditional medicines.
  5. Garlic does everything from helping to control cholesterol naturally, to treating fever and asthma to improving kidney function. It can also help to prevent the common cold.