Easy to Make Recipes For a Natural Hair Care

hair careThe natural hair care recipes are very easy to make and the ingredients are at hand in any regular home.

It is surprising how common things we have around the kitchen can salvage a bad hair day and make our lives better.

A spoon of lemon juice massaged on the scalp and left to stay for 15-20 minutes is the most effective treatment against dandruff.

The tea leaves can be reused after making the tea. Boiled in 2-3 cups of hot water they result a regenerating rinsing solution for the dull hair.

For a silky hair, the henna extract is the most efficient. A henna paste mixed with an egg beaten and lemon juice is an excellent hair conditioner. For the dry hair repair, it is recommended to be added to the mixture, 2-3 teaspoons of olive or coconut oil.

Preventing the hair loss is very easy by stimulating the circulation inside the scalp skin. This can be done with a coconut oil massage to the scalp.

The treatment is completed by wrapping the hair in a hot wet towel. This natural hair care procedure helps the oil reach the hair roots and increases the blood circulation and hair growth. After shampooing, the hair will be hydrated and shining.

Introducing in the daily diet the green vegetables such as spinach and lettuce helps the hair color come alive and prevents the hair from breaking and falling.

For an instant hair gloss, two eggs beaten with a bit of milk can turn into a regenerating hair mask when you need fast results.

The fatty hair can be fixed with the talc powder. The powder retains the excess of fat and after leaving it for 15 minutes and washing, the hair can be styled and looks perfect.

The natural remedies are the ones helping people through, and a hair that is kept away from chemical hair products has very good odds to stay healthy and beautiful.