Eat Right For The Healthy Tanned Look

Stay out of the sun and protect your skin from cancer and aging; and at the same time eat right for a healthy tanned look, according to researchers.

spinachIt has been seen that eating certain foods can make your skin more toned and attractive.

It is vegetables such as carrots, peppers and spinach that could help and fruits such as melon, apricots and cantaloupe that can make your skin look better in as little as a month, it was found.

Ian Stephen, an experimental psychologist at Bristol University has said that it is the carotenoids, a natural chemical that contributes to great looking and healthy skin.

Reportedly there are as many as 600 organic pigments found in plants and it is the beta carotene that is found in green and orange colored vegetables and fruit that can help to enhance skin tone.

When people were asked to offer opinions on skin tone of Caucasians, it was found that the golden skin tone that resulted from a diet rich in fruit and veggies was seen as more attractive than the darker colors that result from sun exposure.

So eat those fruit and veggies; not only are they going to make your skin healthy, they also have powerful antioxidants that help your body fight disease.