Edema Natural Remedies

CilantroEdema, simply put, is water retention. It is also known as dropsy or hydropsy, and is an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, or in one or more cavities of the body.

Edema or oedema is characterized by puffiness, swelling, fuller looking veins, weight gain and high blood pressure which are the main symptoms of the condition.

Sometimes edema is caused by organ malfunction and in that case should receive immediate medical attention.

Edema could be brought within control by one of several different methods to control the swelling and to induce dieresis to rid the body of excess fluids.

Dandelion is known to be the best natural diuretic, which will cause excess fluids to be flushed out of the body. Cilantro is also seen to help in controlling edema if it is an allergic form of edema.

Drinking Cilantro juice or applying it locally to the swollen area has been seen to be beneficial in reducing edema caused by an allergic reaction.

Edema can also be helped by massaging of the area because this helps improve circulation and consequently reduce swelling. Some experts recommend the use of coconut oil to relieve edema and using massage strokes inward and upward from the extremities and towards the heart.

Certain changes in habits and one’s diet can also help controlling edema. It is important to be active and get regular exercise for circulation to improve and edema to remain in control.

Additionally it is important not to sit in one place or stand in one place for too long without moving, since this can cause the boy’s fluids to pool around the lower extremities and cause water retention.

Elevating the feet above heart level by placing them on a pillow or other elevated surface can have the effect of draining the excess fluids, particularly from the legs and bringing down swelling.

Sometimes support stockings can also help in preventing water retention, particularly in the feet and ankles region.

Salt is one of the main known culprits for water retention: where salt goes in the body, water follows. So, dietary changes to reduce salt intake helps to greatly improve water retention problems.

Increasing intake of whole grains and limiting alcohol intake will also help. Sometimes a vitamin or mineral supplement may be required to control edema.

Sometimes medication could be the cause of edema and changing the brand of formulation can sometimes deal with the problem effectively.

A combination of massage, healthy eating habits and herbal remedies could actually go a long way to dealing with edema, failing which one would need to consult a doctor for treatment and to rule out other more serious underlying problems.