Essential Oils for Skin Infections

If you are looking for essential oils for skin infections, you should know that such oils have been used for centuries to treat different kinds of skin problems. In case you have a skin infection but you don’t want to use medication then you should turn to the essential oils.

Essential Oils for Skin Infections

Oregano oil

The list of the health benefits of oregano oil is really long. The most important characteristic of the oil is that it can clear up skin infections. This is because can kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal infections that can lead to skin infections.

The good news about this essential oil treating skin infections is that it is very easy to use. There is need for you to rub a few drops of oregano oil on the affected skin. If the infection is contagious, you have to make sure to wash your hands before and after handling the skin. Repeat the process on a daily basis.


When searching for essential oils for skin infections, this is one to keep in mind. Bergamot oil has anti-inflammatory properties and in the same time it is a natural antiseptic too. You can use it in case of different problems including boils, eczema, wounds and acne.

The people struggling with skin problems, looking for essential oils for skin problems should just apply a few drops of bergamot oil on the affected part of the skin. You may need to repeat the process 2-3 per day until the infection clears out.

Tea tree oil

Being a natural antiseptic is one of the most important properties of the essential oils for skin infections. Tea tree oil has this characteristic and it comes with an added bonus: it doesn’t only treat the skin infections but it can also prevent them.

In case you are looking for essential oils curing skin infections because of a skin infection of the scalp, this is the essential oil that you need. Again, you just have to apply the oil on the skin. Do this until the infection clears out. It usually takes a few days.

Naturally there are some other essential oils for skin infections as well that you should know about. However, these are the most efficient ones that usually act fast and they don’t cause any unwanted side effects, unlike some kinds of prescription medication.