Fenugreek – The Wonder Food

Some call it a spice and some a leafy vegetable; Fenugreek is a versatile and delicious addition to pilafs, curries, and various other culinary preparations, and it has remarkable medicinal properties as well. This Huffington Post article speaks of a cat whose symptoms of feline asthma cleared when he was put on a customized diet including fenugreek.

FenugreekTraditional Indian and Chinese medicine practitioners have long used the seeds as well as the leaves in fresh or dried form, to treat problems ranging from diabetes to clearing lung infections.

It is the anti-oxidative effects of fenugreek that are thought to produce these positive impacts on health and reverse damage to the body by reducing inflammation.

Over the years, a number of studies have been carried out which have shown the positive impact of fenugreek on various ailments and its unique ability to boost health –

  • One study found that fenugreek seeds were able to protect a person against developing cataracts.
  • An Australian study found that fenugreek is a spice that can do more than spice up curry; fenugreek can also boost one’s sex life. It was seen that the male libido was noticeably impacted, in a positive way, when fenugreek extracts were taken by the study subjects twice a day, for six weeks. An increase of up to 25% was seen among the men who took the supplement.
  • Women who find that their milk supply is inadequate for breast feeding can increase their milk supply with the help of fenugreek.  It is thought that fenugreek contains galactagogue or certain hormone precursors that help to give a fillip to milk production, though the exact mechanism of how this works is not fully understood.
  • Women find that within 24 to 72 hours of first taking this herbal preparation, there is an increase in breast milk supply. After the supply is established it can be maintained with stimulation, and there is no need to continue the fenugreek supplement.
  • Another study found that a diet including fenugreek was useful for managing diabetes. It was able to reduce fasting blood sugar levels and also improve glucose tolerance. Not only that, it was also seen that bad cholesterol as well triglyceride levels were helped to be reduced by virtue of the fenugreek diet.
  • In populations where fenugreek is consumed frequently and regularly, rates of arthritis are lower. Also it has been seen that drinking a cup of fenugreek tea per day can help to alleviate arthritis related pain.