Green Tea: Prevention Against Certain Types of Diseases

Tea is enjoyed around the world as a refreshing and inexpensive beverage, with the added benefit of having negligible calories. There have been numerous researches into the health benefits of tea, and evidence now shows, that there are considerable advantages in drinking tea for its therapeutic properties.

Anti-oxidants, which provide very valuable disease fighting and restoring properties, are more highly concentrated in green tea than the black variety, as black tea loses more anti-oxidants during processing.

Several studies have associated drinking the tea with reduced health risks in many areas by inhibiting atherosclerosis, a number of cancers, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Drinking tea is certainly a pleasant way to absorb the health giving benefits of those plant compounds, (flavonoids), and anti-oxidants. A daily herbal drink of green tea provides a refreshing, as well as healthy, pick-me-up. The ideal amount has been shown to be three cups per day to aid in preventing such conditions as:

Heart Disease

Research has found that the beverage contributes to the lowering of cholesterol, lipids and fats, and increases the ratio of ‘good’ (HDL) to ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterols, as well as improving the performance of proteins involved in blood clotting. These benefits contribute to lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Recent results have shown the hypertension risk for regular drinkers of the beverage to be reduced by at least forty-six percent.


The beneficial effects of catechins, potent anti-oxidant, together with its abilities in prohibiting cancer cells from spreading and mutating, make it a powerful contributor in the battle against cancer.

Other Benefits

Evidence is beginning to emerge about some benefits associated with weight loss, where a study found that a group consuming green tea burned more calories than the non-drinking group. More research is being done into this potentially remarkable area.

New research has found that the bacteria destroying properties have a marked effect on the prevention of tooth decay by overcoming the plaque producing bacteria.

To get the best effect of all the healthy nutrients in the tea, drink it brewed freshly, after steeping for around three minutes to bring out the catechins and flavonoids. With all its abundant benefits, drinking this impressive beverage is a simple way toward achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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