Home Remedies For Cold And Flu

home remediesWhen you feel a cold or flu coming on, your throat can become sore, and your nose may start to run.

Your head may feel all stuffed up and maybe you feel very uncomfortable. A fever has come to call, and you feel very hot all over.

There are many wonderful home remedies for the cold and flu. You do not always have to go to the doctor to get well. Natural remedies can make you feel better by soothing cold symptoms.

Since they are all natural, you will not be putting any chemicals in your body. This will help with your overall health.

Zinc Remedy

Zinc lozenges are easy to find at any health food store. These lozenges are for the relief of symptoms due to cold. Zinc lozenges help with the length of time you will be ill with a cold.

If you take the lozenges within a twenty-four hour period, it will really help. Zinc also will reduce the severity of your cold. The only side effects of this natural product are nausea or you can have a weird taste in your mouth. You should not exceed more than 12 lozenges in one day.

Garlic a Natural Remedy

Garlic is a popular home remedy that has been around for quite awhile. It is a wonderful remedy for cold and flu. You can ingest this type of home remedy in different ways. If you want, you can make a hot herbal tea out of the garlic and drink it [Herbal tea benefits]. You may want to put garlic into chicken soup for a boost.

Garlic contains the compound allicin, which has antibacterial and antifungal components. You can also purchase allicin in pill form at any health food store. The most common side effects of using garlic is body odor and your breathe smelling bad.

Vitamin C

The use of Vitamin C has become a well-known natural cold remedy. Vitamin C helps in the severity of symptoms of a cold. It also will alleviate the risk of getting a cold if you are doing activities in cold weather. Side effects could include diarrhea and gas.

Honey is Soothing

Honey can sooth your sore throat if you have a sore throat due to a cold or flu. You can fix a drink made out of honey and lemon to help with your sore throat.

This natural food serves as an antioxidant supplement as well as having antibacterial effects. Make sure you do not give honey to young children under one.

Using Echinacea for Colds

Echinacea is very popular among home remedies. It is an herb. You should take this herb in a dose of three grams when you first feel the onset of a cold. Some natural remedies have been around for years.

Natural remedies used in moderation will help you with your cold and flu. Doing research on the dosage of the home remedies you want to take would be a good thing for you to do. You should always know all the information on the natural remedy you are taking.

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still dealing with cold and flu symptoms, consider OTC medication that contains both pain relievers and nasal decongestants. Because sinus pain and post nasal drip contribute to the worst symptoms, this combination can help alleviate most cold and flu grievances.