I Wanna Be Sedated… Naturally

natural sedativesStress, anxiety and fear often fill our lives. We feel exhausted oftentimes because we cannot get ourselves to stop moving.

There are times when we just need to replenish ourselves.

But rejuvenation doesn’t come when we are constantly running around.

Oftentimes, we use the evening to relax and de-stress. But the grueling day and caffeine binges keep our synapses firing.

We know that lavender plays a role in calming us, but lavender doesn’t always work. Sometimes we need something a little stronger[Lavender essential oil].

Stay away from sedatives

Sedatives all have the potential to be addictive even when taken in prescription form. Those who become addicted to sedatives can experience severe withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, insomnia, convulsions and death.

Also, there are those who are so addicted to sedatives that they feel that they cannot function a day without them.

Sedatives often remove an individual’s conscious awareness of problems such as stress, insomnia and nervousness. But these drugs have a high potential for overdose. In fact, 33% of all overdoses are caused by sedatives.

These sedatives have also been shown to cause suicidal tendencies, depression, irrational fears, anger and even violent behavior. In addition to the chance of overdosing on a sedative alone, there is a very high chance for an overdose when a sedative is combined with alcohol.

This action is so lethal that it has become a popular choice for many suicides. Thus, we really need better ways to calm ourselves.

Mild natural sedatives

If you’re feeling tense and would rather feel zen or chilled, these sedatives are likely to be your best choices. These include the favorite: lavender.

But besides this wonderful smelling herb, there is also black horehound, hyssop, roman chamomile, borage, red clover, lemon balm, cramp bark and black haw. Enter these into your daily routine if you feel tense all the time.

Moderate sedatives

As the day wears to a close, you will realize that the time for relaxation and replenishing is at hand. But instead of entering into an immediate state of relaxation, you might find that you just can’t take your mind off of things.

For this, try St. John’s wort or chamomile. But there is also mugwort, black cohosh, motherwort, lobelia, pasqueflower, skullcap damiana, vervain and linden.

Powerful sedatives

Now it is time to sleep. I bet you can’t wait to slip on some pajamas, pull back the covers, and slide into bed. But there’s nothing worse than those nights where your mind is flashed awake by various thoughts.

Not only do you lose out on precious sleep, but being forced wide awake all night can be incredibly boring.

Luckily, there are some very potent herbs that can really knock you out. These include: wild lettuce, Jamaica dogwood, valerian, California poppy, hops and passionflower.