What Are Insomnia Menopause Natural Remedies?

Apart from treatments for hot flashes, insomnia menopause natural remedies are what women undergoing menopause tend to look for. We look at why menopause tends to cause insomnia and what can be done about it.

Why you may need insomnia menopause natural remedies

As many as 70% of women undergoing menopause have symptoms such as hot flashes, difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, headaches, anxiety, depression, lower energy levels, dry skin and so on. It is the decline in estrogen produced by the body that results in these troublesome symptoms.

Estrogen helps in the uptake of magnesium and the absorption of calcium. When this happens the body undergoes mineral deficiencies and displays symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, headaches, nervousness and so on.

Often, rather than a primary symptom, sleeplessness is a side effect of the symptoms of menopause. Night sweats (caused by hot flashes while asleep) can disturb sleep. Also feelings of anxiety and mood changes could make it difficult to sleep. Feeling tired could mean women don’t take exercise as usual which could also negatively impact sleep.

Another reason why insomnia menopause natural remedies are sought by women is the negative effects of hormone therapies. Several studies have shown how the side effects and risks outweigh the possible benefits of hormone therapy, which is why women tend to prefer natural remedies or menopause related insomnia.

Relaxation techniques

Learning yoga, meditation or breathing techniques are known to improve relaxation and reduce stress. Visualization techniques and guided imagery can also help. Stress being a known causal factor in insomnia these could help women sleep.  These insomnia menopause natural remedies can also work for other menopause symptoms – they can help reduce tension and anxiety and improve wellbeing.

Vitamin E supplements

Studies have shown that Vitamin E supplements can help to reduce the incidence of hot flashes.  This in turn can lead to fewer night awakenings and hence better sleep.


A Mayo Clinic trial showed that flaxseeds helped decrease hot flashes and hence helped women sleep better. Study participants reported that this non hormonal intervention improved quality of life, better mood, fewer aches and pains and less night sweating.

Other insomnia menopause natural remedies

Acupuncture can work to improve menopause related sleeplessness at many levels – it can improve mood and enhance relaxation and also help women sleep better. Soy can help improve menopause symptoms. Block cohosh is also believed to be one of the best natural antidotes to hot flashes. Red clover, St John’ wort have also been seen to help.