What Is Effective as a Natural Cold Sore Treatment?

When seeking natural cold sore treatment, it is important to understand the virus that causes this problem. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Once inside the body, it never leaves and may remain dormant there. In about a third of those infected, the virus can reawaken and cause outbreaks.

Indentifying triggers can act as natural cold sore treatment

The herpes virus is known to be triggered by certain events and emotions. It becomes reactivated as a result and there will be fresh sores or blisters about the lips, mouth, chin, nose or cheeks.

Stress or stressful events are very often the trigger for cold sores. Local skin trauma or injury could also be a trigger for fresh sores to appear. In addition sunlight and sunburn could also reactivate the virus in some people. Illnesses that cause fever or dehydration could also trigger the virus.

Menstruation, food allergies or fatigue could also act as triggers. Even procedures such as dermabrasion, some dental treatments, getting tattoos and neural surgery could cause new sores to appear.

So indentify the triggers and reduce overall stress in your life so that reactivation can be prevented. Natural cold sore treatment should also include good hand hygiene like washing your hands frequently and not touching other parts of the face or body after touching the sores.

Herbal cold sore treatments

Undaria is a type of seaweed that is seen to be effective against cold sores since it improves healing and lengthens periods of remission.

Licorice or rather an ingredient in it called glycyrrhizic acid can be effective against cold sores and can act as a natural cold sore treatment.

Lemon balm, self-heal, lysine, peppermint oil, propolis, rhubarb & sage cream and other herbal topical applications can also help in healing or preventing breakouts.

Other natural cold sore treatments

Change your toothbrush as soon as a fresh blister has formed and then change it again when the attack has cleared. Cover up to protect skin from the sun and prevent flare-ups.

Cover the sore with petroleum jelly to prevent further infection. Also don’t pinch, burst or pick at a cold sore. Also do not share cups, towels, soaps and so on.

Doconanol is a saturated fatty alcohol that can be an effective natural cold sore treatment when applied topically. It is safe and effective in helping to reduce the duration of the cold sores.