Natural Decongestants From Nature’s Bounty

Pharmaceutical decongestants and expectorants may be effective in quelling a number of uncomfortable symptoms, however they contain artificial additives as well as drugs that make you drowsy and unproductive that may best be avoided in a lot of cases.

Foods that may help: Onions are a well known natural decongestant because they are seen to loosen the mucus that hamper easy breathing.

Even the fumes of an onion as you cut it up will help to loosen the mucus and actually eating onion in its raw form will definitely have a positive impact on lessening congestion. Bell peppers and other spicy food are also seen to help relieve congestion.

Steam: Steam is the time honored, tried and tested natural way to relieve congestion. You can use a steam vaporizer or simply do it the old fashioned way: use a pot of boiled water to inhale steam covering your head with a towel to direct the steam correctly.

Adding eucalyptus oil to the water is seen to enhance the benefits of steam inhalation.

A Neti Pot: This item helps direct saline water into the nasal passages to help clear them in a natural and painless way. Even without a neti pot, inhaling salt water through your nose in the correct manner will help to relieve your congestion.