Top 10 Natural Remedies for Hernia

Hernia is a lump in your body that occurs due to protruding internal organ through weak muscles. Though hernia does not show up any symptom, but if any piece of your intestine is trapped in as a hernia, it will lead to extreme pain.

Treatment of hernia can be done through various means like medicine, surgery etc. but natural remedies can be helpful for curing hernia. Although the efficiency of these natural remedies greatly depends on the physical condition of the hernia and other physical attributes. It has to be remembered that home remedies should not be solely trusted for complete remedy; they of course assist you to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

natural remedies for herniaThe following remedies can assist you to get relived from hernia.

  1. One of the best ingredients to treat hernia naturally is licorice herb. It will heal the lining portion of abdominal wall hampered due to hernia. Consultation with your doctor is essential in this regard.
  2. Ginger root also works as the protector of your stomach from gastric acid and bile.
  3. Chamomile herb can prevent the fabrication of stomach acid and soothe the digestive tract. Though it can cause nausea to some people.
  4. Though the herb named marshmallow can rarely trigger diarrhea, it is very helpful to thwart hernia related symptoms, production of digestive acid etc.
  5. The herb shepherds can be incorporated in your diet as supplement or it can be applied externally on the hernia affected zone to alleviate symptoms of hernia.
  6. Acupuncture therapy can be beneficial to you by applying pressure on certain points of your body to deal with the discomfortness of hernia.
  7. Another supplement named hawthronia herbal can strengthen your muscles to support and protect your internal organs. It will put a stop to the development of your hernia and will prevent its recurrence. This herbal supplement consists of herbs including hawthorn, citrus seeds and fennel.
  8. Gentle exercise of your core abdominal muscles can be beneficial for you as well. Consulting with your health provider you can incorporate some gentle exercises to your daily routine which will assist you to shed excess body weight. Consequently you will feel lower pressure on your abdominal muscles.
  9. Another home remedy to treat hernia naturally is ice compressor. This procedure will help you to alleviate your pain caused by hernia.
  10. You need to change your sleeping methods which can effectively treat hernia naturally. Be aware about the position of the head of your bed which you need to be elevated by six inches to prevent travelling of gastric acid into the esophagus during sleeping mode.

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