Natural Ways to Prevent Stroke

Perhaps more than many other illnesses, stroke is better prevented than recovered from.

A stroke or a brain attack occurs when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted or if there is bleeding in the brain.

And it turns out that doing things as simple as eating fish and being out in the sun could help you reduce stroke risk naturally.

Researchers say Vitamin D could be a weapon to fight stroke risk

Vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin can be obtained from sun exposure as well as eating a diet rich in vitamin D. Food sources of vitamin D are fish, particularly.

Researchers have found that a deficiency of this vital nutrient could be a significant risk factor for stroke and that deficient individuals have high risk of having a stroke.

Ways to Prevent StrokeThe type of stroke that is linked to vitamin D is Ischemic stroke. In this type of stroke, a blood clot becomes lodged in the brain’s blood vessel.

This has led researchers to conclude that vitamin D may be helpful in preventing stroke.

In particular as the body ages and finds it difficult to synthesize and absorb the vitamin from sunlight, eating foods rich in the vitamin becomes more important. Having a vitamin D supplement may also be recommended in cases.

What else you can do to prevent stroke

Attend to any sleep disorders you may have: snoring, sleep apnea and so on can increase risk of heart attack as well as stroke.

Vitamin B complex is also important for preventing stroke. This contains vital nutrients such as vitamin B 12, B 6 and folic acid.

This helps keep blood vessels from narrowing down so that the blood supply to the brain is not diminished.

Apart from fish, other food sources of vitamin D are flaxseeds. So try and add flaxseeds or flaxseed oil to your diet to add healthy fats to the diet to help prevent stroke. Hazelnuts are another source of healthy fats that could help keep the circulatory system in good health.

Green tea or black tea or oolong – any tea is good for you and it is best had without milk and sugar. It is known to decrease heart disease risk and also can help to prevent stroke.

Spices such as ginger and turmeric are known to have natural anti-inflammatory properties that are connected to lower stroke risk.