Organic Food, Supplements And Natural Medicine For Rheumatoid Arthritis

In what can be seen as a significant achievement, rheumatoid arthritis was seen to be successfully cured or reversed by natural means such as using natural medicine, taking supplements and eating organic, whole food. Expert on natural living Larry Cook, Dr. Simon Barker, ND – a California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor talks about the principles used by him to achieve this result.

omega 3

In this disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, the body attacks itself and may result in symptoms such as difficulty moving, pains of the joints, and even deformities. The treatments suggested by Dr Barker are:

  • Examining if the patient has food sensitivities, problems with toxins, a leaky gut syndrome or problems with digestion.
  • Dietary solutions to the problem includes lessening of certain inflammatory foods in the diet such as dairy, meat and processed foods and replacing them with whole organic foods.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory supplements include omega-3 fatty acids found in flax oil or fish oil, probiotics and other natural remedies based on the individual’s prognosis.
  • Lifestyle changes that will cure the root cause of the problem rather than fixing the symptoms.

According to the doctor, “Natural living works because the body will heal itself when given the right conditions.”

Source: The Natural Guide