PhellinusLinteus Mushroom to Fight Eczema

Eczema is known to be a bothersome inflammation of the skin that leads to itching. It usually affects the legs and the arms. Generally speaking, it affects about 3% of the population. The conventional treatment methods include drug therapy, topical creams, and other medication. In some cases it is not possible to use conventional treatments and so you might want to know about the phellinuslinteus mushroom.

PhellinusLinteus Mushroom to Fight Eczema

Phellinuslinteus Mushroom

This is also known as song gen and meshima and it has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years now. It can treat a wide range of illnesses, including cancers, diarrhea, gastrointestinal irregularities, and hemorrhage.

The Research

The researchers claim that eczema is an autoimmune reaction. In order to study the effects of the mushroom, they induced the condition in mice and observed the effects of the mushroom. The mice have been split into two groups. One of them got the mushroom treatment while the other has been the control group.

The Results

The treatment had been applied on a daily basis for two weeks. There has also been another study which involved in vitro human cells. The researchers have found that the immunoglobulin E (or IgE) levels of the treated mice have been lower than in case of the untreated ones. This is a marker of eczema and it is an indicator for allergies.

Is it Working?

The researchers tried to measure the effects of the mushroom by the thickness of the mice’s ears and by their IgE levels. In all cases the measurements show that the IgE levels have decreased. The results were similar for the in vitro cells as well, which means that the mushroom is effective in case of human cells too.


Although the results achieved by the scientists may be promising, you have to make sure that you discuss it with your health care provider before you use any kind of alternative medicine. Furthermore, it is also important not to discontinue any medication therapy that you might be having in favor of the mushroom therapy. Patients also have to be aware of the fact that the mushrooms might alter the effects of the medications that they are taking and they might have side effects.

Let’s not forget that alternative medicine isn’t suitable for everybody, not to mention that some people simply don’t trust it. In case you are thinking about trying the mushrooms, you should talk to your doctor first.