Pineapple Concentrate For Weight Loss?

pineappleIn a society that thrives on quick fixes for weight loss, every now and again, there is a ‘miracle’ weight loss product that is touted as being quick and effective, all natural and miraculously free from side effects.

Many of us believe all of this partly because there are some very savvy marketers behind the products who want us to believe it, and partly because we ourselves want to believe that there are easy shortcuts to good health and fitness.

So it is really no wonder that, rather like the Acai Berry, Pineapple is another ‘wonder’ product that is supposed to be this wonderful natural weight loss ‘secret’. So it is that we have the market flooded with products that claim to magically transform a 1000 calorie meal into a 100 calorie one.  Well that is simply not true.

Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and which is good for your skin and muscles; it may therefore help somewhat in the formation of cellulite. It is also claimed that this bromelain can cure a host of ills from minor cuts and bruises to arthritis to heart disease.

However it is also claimed that you would then need to eat some eight pineapples a day. Since most of us are never going to subsist on a Pineapple only diet, it is then once again gently suggested that you take a pineapple concentrate supplement.

Rather than all of this, it is a good idea to start to incorporate fresh pineapple in ones diet, it is a fruit that is available all the year round and is a delicious substitute for dessert at the end of the meal. Be warned though, the canned variety drenched in sugar syrup has little or none of the health and nutritional benefit that the fresh fruit has.

Also beware that, as an extreme of anything is unhealthy, so is a pineapple only diet; that would be another in a long line of fad diets that just don’t work.

So while you should certainly be looking to incorporate more pineapple and indeed more of other fresh fruit as well into your diet, just try not to go overboard.

Also do not get taking in by the weight loss supplement industry that is trying its best to con you into believing that their products are a weight loss miracle that will help you to lose weight.