Reasons to ‘Spice Up’ Your Life

It isn’t just taste that they add to food, the spicy ingredients commonly found in a curry are also good for health in a number of different ways.  Curries have medicinal benefits and ward off illnesses, says pioneering chef, Gurpareet Bains, who is also an author, and a nutritional therapist.

spices good for healthAccording to Bains, his dish that had fenugreek as a major ingredient was seen to help in preventing seasonal colds – those who ate the dish either remained cold free, or if they already had a cold, this dish helped them recover.

Spices are thought to be the most anti oxidant rich foods on earth, and by adding these to our diet we can help increase the nutritional value of what we eat.

Spices are to be found even in pharmaceutical formulations – chili, for instance, is an ingredient in ointments that we use for joint pains and muscle aches.

Another commonly used spice is clove – this is commonly used to relieve dental pain. And there are many other examples of spices being used to treat ailments, increase wellness, and even keep chronic illness and cancer at bay.

There is also the argument put forward to support this theory – rates of cancer are far lower in countries such as India, where spice consumption is high.