Some Natural Remedies for Impetigo

Impetigo is a skin disease which is most common in the infants. However, at times even adults suffer from this. This disease is highly contagious too and the symptom of this skin problem is red sores around mouth and nose. The disease can be cured by natural remedies, but not many people are aware of the fact. Thus for your convenience, here are some of the effective natural cures that you can use if you have Impetigo.


Natural remedies for Impetigo

Two different types of bacteria are the reason behind the skin disease Impetigo. Here are some natural remedies to treat this disease.

  • Aloe vera is known for their soothing and moisturizing qualities. Thus if you are suffering from the itching sensation caused by Impetigo, you can use aloe vera juice to the affected area. This will reduce the problem. If you cannot get aloe vera juice, the readymade aloe vera gel available in the market is also quite effective.
  • You can use tea tree oil to get rid of the irritating Impetigo. Tea tree oil has antiseptic and non- irritating qualities. Mix it with olive oil which has antibacterial properties, and apply on the affected area. You need to massage the oil gently and then wipe it out. Do this at least thrice a day for the best results. Alternatively, you can also use virgin coconut oil to cure the problem. It also works pretty well.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is another substance that can be used in order to cure Impetigo. Apply it directly on the affected are and keep it for some times. This has properties that kill the bacteria and if you continue using this for a few days, it will relieve you of the irritating Impetigo.
  • If you can obtain some black walnut tincture, that too works well for Impetigo. They can be found in health food stores, and generally helps you to recover from the attack of Impetigo. You have to continue using it for a while.
  • Another antibacterial agent is grape seed extract. This also fights against the problem of dead skin that is usually seen around the area affected by Impetigo. This can be prepared easily at home. Take grapes and grind them along with the seed. Then use a cotton ball to gently dab the juice on the area affected by the outbreak of Impetigo. If you use a bit of garlics, crushed along with these grapes, it can give you better results.
  • In order to cure Impetigo, you can also add some vinegar, that are regularly found in the market in the bathing water, preferably warm, and take a bath in that water. It is best that you use this vinegar water in a tub and dip the affected area for a few minutes before wiping off. This is a very easy remedy, but just one or two baths might not solve the problem.

Along with some of these tips, you can also change certain things in your diet like adding more vegetarian options to cure Impetigo.