Sore Throat Remedies You Can Try At Home

Sore throat is the inflammation of the throat and most of the time is highly painful and its infection can last for long period of time if not properly treated.

It can be characterized by large tonsil which is the primary cause of difficulties in swallowing and breathing. It can also go together with a cough or a fever.

To address the pain, there are sore throat remedies to help you when needed.

Common causes of sore throat

  • It can be caused by common viruses like the common flu and mononucleosis. It usually produces swelling in the mouth or the throat.
  • It can also be caused by bacteria.
  • When breathing through the mouth, because it is the source of dryness.
  • Sinus drainage.
  • It can be caused as an after effect of treatment with antibiotics and other immune related medications.

Remedies for sore throat

  • Gargling with salt water is the most common of the sore throat remedies. You can mix ½ tsp. of salt with 4 oz of warm water for your solution. You can gargle every few hours in intervals or as needed.
  • Another gargle solution for sore throat remedies is by mixing white vinegar, salt and squash vitamin c with water.
  • Here’s a surprising sore throat remedy, the chili pepper gargle solution. Mix ½ tsp of dried chili or cayenne pepper in a small amount of water and gargle. The capsaicin in the chili pepper can numb the throat.
  • Drinking a good number of liquids will also relieve you from sore throat and is among the highly advisable sore throat remedies. Be cautious however with acidic juices like orange because it can irritate your throat.
  • Warm water with 2 tsp of honey and the juice of one piece lemon can also relive you from sore throat pains.
  • Over the counter medicines like ibuprofen or acetaminophen helps in relieving the pain.
  • A humidifier is also useful especially in taking precautionary measures against sore throat.
  • For sore throat remedies for adults, should you experience clogging of the nasal area, you can use nasal sprays like afrin for two to three days to avoid breathing from the mouth which in turns causes sore throat. However, do not use it excessively, because you may become dependent on them.
  • Decongestant products are excellent remedies for sore throat since they can also help in declogging your nasal area.
  • Be careful when using hard candies like lozenges as your sore throat remedies. It may relieve the pain temporarily but it is not advisable for young kids because it can cause choking.
  • Stop smoking, in case you are a smoker.
  • After experiencing sore throat, it is best to throw away your toothbrush to avoid further contamination. As such, replacing your toothbrush preferably on a monthly basis is highly suggested if you are not sick.
  • If sore throat lasts for more than two weeks or you have trouble in swallowing, immediately consult your doctor for the proper medication.