The Healing Powers Of The Humble Blackberry

humble blackberryFor centuries, the properties of the humble blackberry have been recognized and used for a variety of ailments.

Most part of the plant are said to be beneficial, the leaves can be made into tea and the fruit can be dried, powered and diluted with water.

Gallic acid and tannin are the chemicals found in Rubus fruiticosus, the common blackberry. Made into vinegar the berries can be stored for a long time, used to sooth a sore throat, and be part of a compress that can be externally used.

Similarly, cordials can be produced and are widely recommended as a cold and flu remedy.

If a ready supply of fresh blackberries is not available, a proprietary jelly can be used instead to concoct either of the above. The acclaimed use of the blackberry plant includes stomach upsets, containment of fevers, gout, arthritis, mouth irritations and a general health restorer.

Most of its benefits can be secured only by getting out a saucepan or boiling a kettle although leaves are available to buy in health shops if you decide to dabble further in its use.

Scientifically not much has been proven about the healing properties of the blackberry and tradition is the main source of any claims.

However, it has been used since ancient Greek times and the only known side effects ever reported are gastrointestinal problems, particularly for those with a sensitive stomach.

A good place to start is to buy a packet of blackberry tea and if you feel any real benefits then experiment yourself with the actual plant.