The Top Five Natural Treatments For Ringworm

natural treatmentEven though the name ringworm may conjure up horrible images and ideas, ringworm is actually a fungal infection that occurs in the skin.

It is actually the exact same thing as athlete’s foot, only it appears on other areas of the skin [Athlete’s foot remedies].

It is most commonly found in the hair, on the torso, or arms. The condition can be treated with creams found at the local drug store.

However, if you are search of homeopathic or natural treatments there are many available. Some products can be found in your home right now, while others may have to be purchased at a health supply store.

Tea Tree Oil

A few drops of the essential oil tea tree can be applied to the skin topically. Use a cotton ball or Q-Tip to rub the liquid in so that you do not spread the infection further. If you apply the oil three times a day you will quickly see results.

Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves or crushed garlic can be applied directly to the infected area, to provide relief. If you use a whole clove, make sure you cut it in half so that the essential oil comes into direct contact with the ringworm.

Garlic is known to include antifungal properties that can kill of the infection. Apply the garlic oil to the spot twice every day.

Aloe Vera

Fresh Aloe Vera or an Aloe Vera cream can be applied to the ringworm spot to combat the infection. If you are using fresh Aloe Vera you will want to break or cut open the leaf so that the juices inside are applied directly to the skin [Aloe Vera skin care]. Thoroughly rub the substance into the skin using a circular motion. Aloe Vera can be applied to the spot as often as you like.


Papaya is known to provide natural infection fighting properties. It can be eaten to find relief of ringworm or applied to the skin.

If applying to the skin, use the fruit twice every day until the ring is gone. However, you can eat as much papaya as you like to cure the condition.

Lemon and Salt

To cure ringworm, you can use a half lemon dipped in salt. Take the lemon and salt, and use it to scrub or exfoliate the infected area. If you have an open cut or break in the skin, this method could cause the skin to burn.

Once you have scrubbed the area it will need to be rinsed with soap and water. This method will dry out the ringworm and cause it to go away.

Mustard Seed and Water

To cure ringworm, you can mix together a paste of water and mustard seed. Once the paste is applied to the spot, let it dry. After the solution has completely dried, the excess can be rinsed away. This cure usually works within a few days.

As you can see, there are many natural options for curing ringworm. With diligence and repeat application, you can get rid of the nasty little infection very quickly.

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