Turmeric For A Healthy Life

Long been hailed for its curative properties in traditional kitchens, western alternative medication is increasingly waking up to the merits of turmeric; as something other than an ingredient of curry powder and mustard sauce.

In fact it is now catching the attention of researchers from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine for its ability to help cure indigestion and reduce inflammation.

turmericThe anti inflammatory properties of turmeric and the active chemicals that make it so are of particular importance for researchers who aim to harness its properties for improving health and easing other ailments.

Turmeric can be added to food in the following ways to make it a part of regular diets:

  • It can be used in pickled vegetables.
  • When used without being heated or cooked, the flavor turmeric imparts is grass like, almost floral according to Julie Sahni, a cooking teacher from New York. It is her advice that turmeric can be cooked to give a woody flavor, but one must be careful while cooking it, being careful not to burn it.
  • You can add turmeric to your garlic pepper blend in order that you can use it to sprinkle on meats and fish.
  • The same can be sprinkled on stir fried cubed potatoes (white or sweet) along with chopped onions.

Source: Chicago Tribune