Can Reflexology Solve the Problem of Infertility

Unfortunately, becoming parents does not seem very easy and natural to many couple and they whine being childless. All the time the reasons are not physical. There can be problems like fear, anxiety and stress that can act as deterrent for a couple to have child. However, the problem might seem a bit exaggerated, because it is argued that reflexology itself can help with fertility.

Reflexology is a sort of foot massage. A major number of women have claimed that this massage has helped them conceive and it is said that this has been used by the people for fertility, pregnancy, and child birth etc. for a long time.

can reflexology solve the problem of infertility

How does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology means applying pressure to various acupressure points of the feet during a specific foot massage. These points are connected to various organs of a human body. It is generally believed that when a reflexologist applies pressure on those points, there is the release of energy or prana, or chi.  Though there is a lack of specific scientific data on the point, it has been argued that reflexology helps in various problems such as, cervical problems, polycystic ovary, premenstrual syndrome; fallopian tubes that are blocked or damaged can be taken care of using reflexology.

Why Reflexology Might Work: Three Reasons

Though it is yet to be proved conclusively but many people who had resorted to reflexology, stated that it does help in the cases of infertility. Here are three reasons which can explain why it might be helpful for fertility.

  • The idea of reflexology is to stimulate the reflex points of the feet which are connected to body organs. By stimulating these points, a kind of stimulus is send to those organs as well. There are maternity reflexologists who are specially trained in order to stimulate related reflex points and the support system, like the nervous system. The importance of the nervous system lay in the fact that it creates a better environment in the human body, so that it can nurture a fetus properly.
  • Like other massages, the aim of reflexology is to provide complete relaxation. However, the difference between reflexology and other massages are that in case of reflexology, the benefits are more than one dimensional and they last for a longer period. The actual treatment focuses on providing the client ultimate relaxation achieved through massage and techniques of pressure points. During a season, the breathing of the client becomes slow, there is a drop in blood pressure and the tension eases out. Reflexology helps to break the monotony of the cycle of trying to get pregnant.
  • The technique also helps women to ‘take control’. This means to acknowledge the fact that they, no matter what their age and other considerations are, are ready to be pregnant. This idea of taking control put together with an hour when they are spending time for themselves can make all the differences in the world.

It is a better idea to make health life style choices along with reflexology for best results, when you are trying to conceive.