Using Reflexology For Relief From Chemotherapy

reflexologyHaving cancer is not something that you thought would ever happen to you.

Cancer may not be in your families’ genetic pool, so having cancer probably came as quite a surprise.

Your physician has prescribed chemotherapy treatment to help put your cancer into remission.

This chemotherapy treatment may be leaving you feeling weak. You may also feel sick to your stomach.

Headaches probably will come and go. You would love to find some relief, but you do not know where your reliefs will be coming from. You should try reflexology to help you to deal with the pain and discomfort.

Reflexology is the ancient art of massage treatment, which has been used for thousands of years. Its treatment is a non-intrusive therapy that will work wonders for you, if you are taking chemotherapy.

This type of therapy is only done on your feet. It is done by using your fingers to apply gentle pressure, to certain pressure points, that affect the rest of your body. Reflexology will be highly recommended for you if you have cancer.

Positive Effects

Having reflexology performed on your feet will help to get rid of the side effects of chemotherapy. It will be a very relaxing experience for you. You will feel some of your anxiety that fills your day, start to subside.

Nausea that you are feeling, due to the chemotherapy, may start to go away. You are not alone in using this treatment. There are many cancer patients that have reflexology everyday.

Reflexology has been incorporated into many cancer hospital therapy regimens. It is proven that reflexology will have a major impact on your overall health.

Great Treatment for Lymphoedema

When you have cancer surgery to remove your lymph glands, you may have to battle the swelling of your arms and legs. Your arms and legs will feel very tight, as if the skin has been stretched.

This swelling could cause you to be very uncomfortable. Your physician will tell you that you have lymphoedema.

Reflexology will work to increase the blood flow and circulation in these limbs for you thereby relieving any discomfort that you may feel.

Considered a Myth

Some people consider reflexology as a myth, and that it has no affects on a person’s body that has cancer. There have been many tests to prove that reflexology really does work. There are many cancer patients who will also testify to the wonderful effects of reflexology.

Depression and Anxiety

If you have cancer, and are going through chemotherapy, then you may be feeling bouts of depression and anxiety. This is very understandable considering what you are going through. Reflexology will help to soothe you not only physically, but emotionally.

It will relieve some of your depression and anxiety. It will be good for you to know that there is actually help, for you to deal with your cancer.

Your treatments of reflexology massage will give you something to look forward to during your treatments of chemotherapy.