Using Reflexology To Help With Negative Pregnancy Symptoms

reflexologyDuring pregnancy there are many negative symptoms you may suffer from. Many women experience morning sickness or excessive heartburn.

During the final months of pregnancy it is common to experience back aches, swollen feet, and a general feeling of uneasiness.

These final months may seem like an eternity. Many women search for relief from these symptoms and side effects of pregnancy.

You may try massage for back pain and avoid spicy food to eliminate heart burn. However, there is an option that will provide relief from all of your symptoms.

Reflexology has shown, in recent studies, to provide relief from a number of pregnancy symptoms and problems.

How Reflexology works?

Reflexology has been used for centuries to treat several different types of medical conditions. Reflexology is the practice of using gentle pressure, on specific pressure points of hands and feet, to provide relief. It is believed that these pressure points are the gateways to vital energy centers within the body.

The practice is based on the belief that these energy centers may become blocked from the stresses of everyday life. Using reflexology techniques, these energy centers can be cleared and restore balance to the body.

How Does Reflexology Relieve Pregnancy Effects?

When the energy centers of the body become blocked and the body gets out of balance you may feel severe side effects of pregnancy. It is thought that these blockages may cause morning sickness, swelling, aches and pains, or even a feeling of unease.

When a licensed Reflexologist massages the specific points on your hands or feet that correlate to your symptoms, relief can be found. For example, pressure can be applied to a specific point on the foot that will relieve morning sickness symptoms.

In addition to experiencing instant relief, once the center is unblocked long term relief can be found. However, repeated sessions will be required as life’s stresses can cause the center to become blocked once again.

Is Reflexology Always Safe during Pregnancy?

In most cases reflexology is completely safe. Consider it in the same way you would exercise. Start off slow and build your comfort level over time. However, there are occasions when reflexology should be completed with care or avoided.

It is known that reflexology has an effect on the endocrine system. Therefore, women who have gestational diabetes may want to keep a close eye on their blood sugar before, during, and after treatments.

In addition, women who have blood disorders or are at risk for pre-eclampsia should avoid this treatment option. It is not safe to apply pressure or massage areas where there may be a blood clot or vein disorder.

The best option is to speak with your doctor, before trying any new treatment, if you are pregnant. They will examine your medical history and let you know whether reflexology treatment is safe or not for you.