Hand Reflexology To Provide Self Healing And Reduce Stress!

Hand ReflexologyThe physical act of applying pressure on the feet and hand with specific finger, thumb and hand techniques that is without using any lotion or oil is reflexology.

For performing this reflexology, there are some points connected with it. These pressure points in your hand are located based on the zone therapy.

The pressure point present in your hand links different part of your hand and different parts of your body. So when you apply pressure on these points, it affects the other parts.

The hand reflexology is used as a part of medical care. Hands are suitable for hand reflexology as they are more easily reachable and can be always available for regular reflexology work.

Hand reflexology provides relief from the busy day stresses which are developed due to the new technologies such as blackberries, keyboarding, video games and texting.

Process of hand reflexology is easy to practice:

You can apply this technique even by lying in a dark room. You can perform this in the morning and in the evening. You can start hand reflexology easily. The tools for performing hand reflexology are pressure, hand, movement and stretch for providing you healthy body.

  • In the first step, you have to pull your finger gently and then press webbing of your hand which is present in between thumb and finger tip.
  • Move hand from side to side by grasping the body of hand. If you do this type of activity, then it works on your hand capabilities to improve your interest towards hand reflexology. You should not do this, when you are doing other work with your hands.
  • When you apply this technique on working hands then this application becomes too long, too hard or too much. By following hand reflexology work, if your hand feels sensitive to touch then give rest to your hand for few days and resume your work.
  • After resuming, start with less frequency and time of hand reflexology; if your hands are still sensitive to touch then stop doing it.
  • One simple technique is that grasp your hands together and hold the golf ball between your hands, and then roll this ball around your palm below thumb. This holding helps to apply pressure on reflex areas (reflecting parts of the body) which are important to your well being.
  • Reflex areas include energy producing pancreas, glands and solar plexus which provides relief from stress and other major organs.

Hand reflexology for calming your body parts:

When hand reflexology is applied on your body, then it interrupts the stress patterns present in your body. By this, pressure sensors which are present in your feet and hand are motivated and hence relaxation response is induced on the particular part.

By doing all these work, you can reduce stress in nervous system and can improve beneficial effects in your body.

Hand reflexology starts self healing by reducing stress adequately from your body. While meditating whatever the effects you have gained, same effects of brain can be gained by doing hand reflexology.

The techniques involved in hand reflexology are simple and easy to learn. So, you can learn them for self healing. [Self Healing with Reflexology Massage]