How Reiki Helps Alleviate Problems Relating to Cancer Treatment?

As the west becomes more receptive to alternative therapies and complementary medicine, these therapies are now finding more acceptance and wider application.

Acupuncture is now used to alleviate pain as well as deal with menopause symptoms, yoga and meditation are effectively used for reducing stress, hypnosis is used to reduce weight and beat addiction and so on.

Reiki So it is not surprising that Reiki is now being used as an effective tool for reducing cancer related problems such as pain, fatigue, nausea and anxiety, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

Cancer therapies, such as they are, can often cause problems and debility by themselves – chemotherapy can cause nausea, mental as well as physical fatigue, and feelings of anxiety.

Cancer centers that deal with patients undergoing such unfortunate side effects have now taken to offering Reiki to reduce cancer related suffering.

Reiki, which involves lightly placing the hands on the body or even having them held above the body without touching, is suitable for cancer patients since many find deep massage to be painful and intolerable.

Even those who do not support the fact that Reiki can cause life energy to flow into the person, admit that light touch therapy can in fact be beneficial, particularly for cancer patients who are constantly subjected to needle pricks, tests and other bothersome procedures.

While skeptics express bewilderment about Reiki working for cancer patients, they do accede that it does in fact work because when the mind relaxes, then so does the body, there appearing to be a sort of reciprocal relationship between mind and body.

Another way in which Reiki could benefit a cancer patient, think researchers, is that the bond or rapport that forms between the Reiki therapist and the cancer patient could also be beneficial for the person producing a positive result and increased wellbeing.