Pranic Healing Vs Reiki: How to Choose the Right One for you?

Pranic healing and Reiki are both known as systems of healing through energy. It is a difficult task to choose between them, since they are as different as chalk and cheese in most ways. To decide which one is better, you have to judge your preferences following the benefits of each. However, to make the choice easier, below given are certain important factors about both these healing techniques that will hopefully be able to help you in selecting one of the two methods.

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Pranic Healing and Reiki: Similarities and Differences

There are more differences than a few basic similarities between these two types of healings. Here are a few common points and differences among the two methods:

The Origin

Pranic healing was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui, and is probably the carrier of the spiritual lineage of Bodhisatwa Padmasambhava. On the other hand, Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, and not much is known about its spiritual lineage except for the fact that Dr. Usui had a mystical experience.

The Basic Method

The most important point of difference, at least, externally, between Pranic healing and Reiki, as they are practiced, is that Pranic healing is a no touch method, while Reiki is mostly a hands on way of healing. However in certain types of Reiki, no touch is required.

The Motive

The technique of Pranic healing is to clean the system of a person by clearing all the blockages that they might have, and releasing all the stagnant energy, before new and positive energy is instilled in them. If negative emotions and energies are not cleaned before newer energies can be put, there will be a conflict among positive and negative energies, leading in physical discomfort and ailments such as flu or loose bowel movements.

This process is generally called “detoxification” process, which releases all the toxic elements in a person’s system. On the other hand Reiki follows one singular method whereby the energy formed of Reiki methods are brought to that specific area that requires healing. Here you will not find the prior “disinfecting” of the system.


One point of methodological difference between Pranic healing and Reiki is that, in the former, the healing is done by securing energy from natural elements such as, sun , air, soil as well as spirituality, and then turning them into energy. On the other hand Reiki as a system needs a master disciple scenario, where the master, after the initiation of their students, gives them certain signs, through which one has to unlock the sources of energy.

Faster Effect

One particular thing about Pranic healing is that they also use color energies to treat people. The color energies are quite helpful in accentuating the inner healing capacities of the body. This is one of the reasons why that even some Reiki masters recommend following pranic healing because they are also known for fast relief.

In conclusion then, it will not be wrong to say that each of these methods has their own sets of idea and techniques, and it is up to you as to what you choose for your health.

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