Superfoods for Breast Cancer and Tai Chi for Better Brains

Recent research shows that non-pharmaceutical interventions using natural interventions such as certain superfoods and exercises can help allay mental infirmity and even fight disease.

We look at how a breast cancer survivor used nutritional interventions to fight her disease and how tai chi can help increase brain size.

Tai chi to increase brain size

Superfoods And Tai ChiRecent research has revealed that older folks who practiced tai chi 3 times a week could increase the size of their brains and perform better in memory tests.

A study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease says that older people could experience cognitive benefits and improved brain size with the help of tai chi and lively group discussions.

Natural interventions such as exercise and improved social interactions have consistently shown brain function improvement even in earlier studies.

This study shows that the brain volume actually increased among seniors who participated in tai chi sessions three times a week and also took part in lively conversations.

Some cognitive improvements and improved memory and thinking were also noted.

Tai chi is also known to help stave off high blood pressure and lower stress. It can also help seniors by improving physical balance and reducing chances of falls and other injuries.

What makes tai chi ideal for older people is the fact that it is a gentle and less demanding form of exercise.

The study also observed how active brain usage, as in the case of lively interpersonal interactions could lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Superfoods helped fight breast cancer

A special diet of specific foods and exercise helped one woman fight off her breast cancer – Vicky Sewart from Devon used a special diet to fight her breast cancer. This breast cancer survivor has been cancer free for four years and is drawing attention to possibilities of fighting cancer using lifestyle interventions.

In June 2008, Sewart had surgery that removed a breast and nearby lymph nodes to remove her cancerous tumor. Since she was concerned about the side effects of cancer therapies, she chose to go natural to fight her disease.

Exercise and special foods including turmeric, curries, stir-fries etc are what helped her fight her disease claims the cancer survivor. After undergoing surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, she refused tamoxifen during her remission period.

Instead, her-anti cancer drug was her special diet. This was a natural way to lower levels of estrogen in the body, which was what her doctors advised her to do.