Tai Chi To Increase Balance In Life

Tai chiTai chi chuan, or more commonly known as Tai chi, is an ancient martial art which is more often practiced to improve the condition of one’s health.

It is generally practiced for the general well being of the body, the one of the mind and the balance between the two. The words “Tai chi” literally translates into “supreme or boundless fist”.

There are also some people who practice Tai chi as the theory of balance for the purpose of competition and study of the martial arts.

Thus, a variety of forms and postures exist and can be seen being practiced by Tai chi troupes all over the world.

There are five traditional schools of Tai chi, known as Chen, Wu, Yang, Sun and Hao. One learns about Taiji in Confucian and Taoist Philosophy, which represents the theory of Yin and Yang, and is the one using the concept of the theory of balance.

Tai chi and the theory of balance help bring people to a mental state of calm and clear thinking, while the body fuses with the tranquil processes during the practice and training.

Both traditional and modern forms exist, which have equal beneficial healing and meditative powers. When practicing Tai chi and the theory of balance one need not worry about uniforms or tradition garb, instead all one needs, is a comfortable set of shoes and loose clothing.

The benefits of Tai chi are best described by the Traditional Masters as a person using leverage through its own joints. This is based on relaxation, coordination, release of all muscular tension, thus neutralizing all self harmful acts.

One automatically can assume composure of the mind and proper breathing, which is essential for balance of the mind and the body. This is a slow healing process for anyone who has mental, emotional or even physical trauma.

This is a slow, repetitive process of one learning how to increase balance in life as well as how to breath properly increasing the functionality of blood circulation, the lymphatic system, peristalsis, etc.

Tai chi and the theory of balance have three basic steps which can be learned through the course of time, can be developed and mastered and bring the body powerful healing energies.

The first is the Health aspect, where you meditate to reach a state of calm. It is important to be able to concentrate and relieve physical and mental overload.

Being physically fit is considered supremely important for balance. Once your body is fit you are ready to take the next step for meditation.

Here people focus on maintaining Homeostasis, where you best relieve your mind and your body of all stress.

The final step of Tai chi and the theory of balance is the actual martial art used for self defense. This form may be considered a martial art, but is actually the final step in this ancient body remedy, where one is now able to balance all of his or her internal processes to be protected both from the inside and outside and in the mean time synchronize the body and mind in a perfect balance with nature.