5 Weight Loss Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi sure has several benefits and is considered to be as advantageous as Yoga. But does this science of flowing movements and graceful poses also results in weight loss? Well, the answer is yes.

Tai Chi should be made an essential part of your weight loss regime as it not only helps you burn your calories but is also effective as far as overall improvement of health is concerned. The following are the 5 major weight loss benefits of Tai Chi for all age groups:

tai chi

1. Burning of calories

The first benefit of Tai Chi in weight loss is that it helps in burning of calories. This form of exercise is like meditation in motion and uses slow movements that help in lowering your calories, and thereby causing weight loss.

To understand this better, you can know that a person who weighs 160 pounds can burn off about 219 calories by doing one hour of Tai Chi.

2. Improvement in metabolism

Tai Chi works like a natural medicine or cure for weight loss and this is true because it works by stimulating the organs and various systems of the body and improving their overall performance.

This means that Tai Chi can improve the metabolism and thus result in effective and healthy weight loss. Tai Chi is known to stimulate the thyroid gland which is an important organ as far as metabolism is concerned.

3. A good workout

Tai Chi is a great workout session for people of all age groups. Tai Chi is considered equivalent to moderate aerobic exercises and hence helps in the improvement of the immune system, strength of the muscles and even the functions of the lung and the heart. This one hour of Tai Chi if practiced 3 times a week can reduce the BMI and the measurement of the waist.

4. Yang style of Tai Chi

Yang is one of the major forms of Tai Chi which demands a certain muscle control and thus results in a person’s improved balance. It is therefore a challenging workout which encourages weight loss.

5. Wu Style of Tai Chi

Wu is another major form of Tai Chi which is practiced a lot in the west and is very popular as far as weight loss is concerned. This style may be a little less physically demanding than the Yang style but does promote healthy and effective weight loss.

Photo Credit By: theonion.com