Beat Depression and Anxiety with Yoga

Yoga is a means for manipulating the nervous system, just like the drugs. So, it can greatly benefit for people with depression and anxiety. It won’t hurt you, so practice daily in whatever form you like by continuing the medications that your doctor recommends.

Studies showed that there is a real and considerable change in a major neurotransmitter with a behavioral involvement such as yoga.

Beat Depression with YogaFor treating depression, there are some active poses in yoga such as sun salutations. They make your body and fluid moving and oppose the feelings of being intent or weighted down.

Also, the standing pose that needs balance can help to center your mind.

Practicing deep and uneven breathing while lying on the ground with your chest propped open can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and make you feel relaxed.

For treating anxiety, use restorative yoga poses of deep resting stage. These poses stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which again supports your body to relax and renew.

Supported reclining, bridge and child’s poses and also corpse pose can help to relax your body thus reducing anxiety. Some chest opening poses like cobra pose and cat-cow stretch are also beneficial to reduce the anxiety.

You can practice all these whenever you feel particularly down.