How Yoga Helps To Perk Up Sex Life?

yogaIf you thought Yoga was all about new age meditation, think again. There a number of reasons why yoga leads to hotter sex, such as –

  • Yoga promotes flexibility and having a more flexible body and limbs means a whole lot of more options in bed.  Better flexibility also means better direct stimulation of certain key areas. To improve flexibility, sit with the soles of the feet together and then lean forward at the hips as far as possible.
  • Yoga asana help strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis. A more powerful pelvis has obvious advantages such as better control and heightened sensation. The Sanskrit ‘Mul Bandh’ is much the same as Kegel’s exercises for toning and tightening the inner muscles.
  • At the end of a tiring and stressful day, energize yourself by doing some relaxing yoga to put you in the mood so to speak.
  • Breathing in a particular rapid, forceful manner during sex can help enhance the pleasure while in the act.
  • Use Yoga like foreplay. Do it together – the breathing, the exercise, the sweating, to get your energies up in synch with one another. Yoga can spark your creativity; channel it effectively.