How Yoga Is Beneficial To Women?

yogaEver woman’s life is filled with some sort of stress and emotional pressure. These are the ultimate causes to spoil your health.

It is a known fact that emotional distress is finally translated into illness and physical weakness.

Also, woman’s health depends on various factors like hormonal changes.

Practicing yoga postures will greatly help you in overcoming these types of issues.

Different stages in a woman’s life lead to different problems.

Menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome are the most leading issues that are affecting many women around the world.

Hormonal changes that come along with menopause are one more reason why a woman has to cope with increased levels of stress.

Pregnancy is also a stage, which brings various changes in your life. In this stage, every health problem will also show an effect on your baby’s health. So, it is essential for every pregnant woman to stay healthy during the pregnancy period. Practicing pregnancy yoga will give you various benefits in order to overcome from these types of issues and also it enables you to overcome from these obstacles.

Benefits of regular yoga practice in a woman’s life:

  • Practicing yoga regularly will lessen the negative effects of pregnancy like morning sickness and nausea.
  • Practicing some stretching poses help you to relax and also strengthens your pelvis muscle for easy functioning at the time of child birth.
  • Breathing techniques are also very helpful during the birth because they allow you to concentrate on the delivery instead of fighting against the pain associated with child birth.
  • If you want to build your vitality and energy levels during pregnancy or postnatal period, then you can try some specific yoga poses.
  • Regular yoga routine will even out the periods and alleviate from stress and depression, which are common at the time of periods. Yoga strengthens your abdominal muscles thus giving effective relief from painful cramping.

Different yoga poses for getting different benefits:

  • The fish pose in yoga greatly helps you in:
    1. Giving relaxation
    2. Improving oxygen processing abilities
    3. Strengthening neck and back muscles
    4. Improving the nervous system responsiveness
  • The hero yoga pose is also a best one if you are looking for a period of time only dedicated to meditation.
  • Cat pose is also a most frequently used one, regardless of your physical condition and age. This pose helps in relaxing the lower back muscles and increasing the spinal column flexibility that bears the weight of the upper body when you are standing.
  • A particular position in cat pose helps in increasing kidney blood irrigation. A difficult head stand following the pose allows most of your body parts to rest because there is no need to function to maximum capability due to the reverse of gravity.
  • Ashtanga yoga during pregnancy works very well because this type of yoga consists of well-defined set of actions to move into and out of the poses in a manner that totally absorbs the awareness while immobilizing the thoughts.

So, you can practice yoga irrespective of your age and physical conditions in order to achieve good health condition.