Kriya Yoga To Overcome Psychological And Mental Problems!

Kriya YogaKriya yoga is a self-discipline, self study and attunement to the indwelling reality”.

Exercises and breathing techniques are intended to purify and hence cleanse the body’s energy channels.

Kriya Yoga mentally directs one’s life’s energy to revolve, upward, downward and around the six spinal centers which correspond to 12 astral signs of zodiac.

One half minute rotations of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of the man will affect subtle process in his evolution.

Kriya Yoga is derived from three other yoga techniques such as Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Jnana yoga.

Karma yoga – Focus on the movement of soul inside and out side of body. Karma means actions, all acts done by you from birth till death. Karma yoga shows the path for doing right things.

Bhakti yoga– Focuses on spreading love to other fellow beings. This yoga is based on the principle “God is love and love is God”. This yoga is regarded as the most direct method to merge in cosmic consciousness.

Jnana yoga– Focuses the mind on a task and allows the mind to be free. Knowledge of the right and insight into the proper means of realization are the two attribute to Jnana yoga. Jnana yoga is awareness to do or not to do.

Kriya yoga procedure involving body and soul:

The first and fore most action of the soul is to breath. The kriya yoga is based on breath, brain and spinal cord. Breathing is the mediator between soul and body. The brain is the mediator between sense organs and mind.

The physical actions you perform are reflected on your sense organs through the link of the lower part of the brain and the spinal cord.

From the lower part of brain, where the lower mind is situated, you pass your concentration into the higher mind then to the breath and lastly to the soul. This is how Kriya yoga is done.

By practicing kriya yoga, one can create an inner fire called “Tapa Agni”. The inner fire allows the practitioner to burn his karmas (past actions, negative thoughts and sins) which in result overcome psychological and mental problems.

Preparing the body: The person who practices other yoga techniques can start with Hatha yoga (as this improves flexibility of the body) and the starters can start by a 15 minute program to yield maximum results from this yoga.

Preparing mind: Your mind should be away from distractions and thoughts. Ensure your mind to be correct in a focused direction. Kriya promotes the study of metaphysical principles and cleanliness and purity of the mind.

Mudras: The mudras are added to kriya yoga to have control over the flow of energy in the body and the chakras.

Pranayama: Keep attention on the breath which goes inside and comes outside of the body. Kriya pranayama is done to increase the magnetization of the spine and direct life force to the brain with the effect to refine the brain and nervous system.

The effects of Kriya yoga:

In physical state or the effects on body

Regular practice of kriya yoga

  • Gives complete healing to the body
  • Relaxes the body.
  • Stretches and strengthens the muscles, cardiovascular, nerves and digestive system.

Mental state:

  • Develops a peaceful and calm mind
  • Concentration is increased.
  • Alertness is improved.
  • Focus towards work increases.