The Power of Holotropic Breathing

When it comes to holotropic breathing, many people tend to view it with rather skeptical eyes because they don’t see how it could possibly be an acceptable form of treatment. Most people tend to think that alternative forms of treatment like this really have no place in the world of psychology and science because it has not been proven to work all of the time.

The theory behind this treatment is a rather strong one that relies on the specialist’s ability to change someone’s state of consciousness with sounds in a peaceful environment.

Holotropic BreathingThe main point of holotropic breathing is to completely relax the subject until they start to drift in and out of different states of consciousness.

By dipping into other perspectives, one can take a view of their life that they would never otherwise get. Many people like to describe this experience as rather similar to an LSD or mushroom experience in an office setting.

There have been over 140 articles written on the topic of holotropic breathwork over the years, so there is plenty of information available online about this strange topic.

Stanislav Grof is the man who revolutionized this new field of study, and he is a psychiatric research who is all about finding solutions that work for various people out there who are troubled.

While this therapy will definitely not work for everyone, there are a good number of people who have experienced positive results from these procedures.

How holotropic breathing works for you

The main key to getting holotropic breathing to be an effective method of psychiatric therapy for someone is to make sure they are in a very comfortable environment where they have no worries on their mind. You need to be able to remove all the stress and anxiety from your body for this to work, which is why some people tend to have a problem getting started with this experience.

The person who is running the treatment will use very powerful music to put people into different states of mind and this will also be combined with various breathing techniques.

It’s very important to have very comfortable sheets, pillows and blankets in the room where the subject will be located because you don’t want them to start thinking about how they are uncomfortable in their current environment. The subject needs to be able to drift away into a dreamlike state for these procedures to work effectively. These sessions can vary as far as time frames go, but you can expect the average procedure to last about three hours.

Become an independent person

In addition to relieving your stress and learning how to deal with your problems, holotropic breathing can also teach you how to become more dependent on yourself instead of others. You are all alone when you go off into that other world, and the experience has been described by many as similar to a trip from a psychedelic drug. Anyone who wants to find their inner self should definitely think about giving this treatment a try at some point.