Yoga – A Panacea For Many Ills

Yoga is a holistic solution for several different aims of life: physical fitness, mental health, a flexible body and all round wellness.

The benefits of yoga are physical, mental and spiritual; literally endless as demonstrated by the video of the yoga instructor who is also experienced in kick boxing and Pilates.

  • On the purely physical level, yoga helps to increase flexibility, suppleness and strength of the body, which helps in turn to improve balance. Yoga exercises also give one a more flexible & sexy body.
  • Also at a physical level yoga helps cleanse the important organs of the body and even helps to improve one’s digestion.
  • As it increases physical self awareness, it makes your body movements more graceful.
  • A yoga workout increases mental wellness and can lower stress, emotional anxiety and even help control mood swings, because of the meditation element that goes hand in hand with the practice of yoga.
  • It not only improves health, it helps sort out issues such as body, neck and back aches and several other ailments.
  • The precise breathing exercises improve heart function and increase lung capacity as well.